Wednesday, May 19, 2004

my best celebrity story

I went to a performance of Swan Lake once, during my freshman year in college. It was a performance given by the now defunct Cleveland-San Jose Ballet, whose conductor was also the conductor of our college orchestra. I went with Frankie and "white" Linda, and we got a ride from the conductor, who drive his little red BMW up I-71 like the world was ending.

After the performance, we went backstage to greet the dancers and musicians. On the way out to the parking lot with the conductor, Frankie and Linda and I turned around to shake hands with Mr. Tony Randall, who had been at that evening's performance.

Cheers to Tony Randall, who died Monday evening, for giving me my best celebrity story. So far.


Julia said...

I don't think you ever told me about meeting Tony Randall! I do remember the story about riding in the car with Oltman. Still makes me laugh to remember you telling that story.

battlemaiden said...

*in the deep Oltman voice*: Heidi, you'd better hold on to Frankie back there in the back seat of my little red BMW...we're going to fly!