Tuesday, May 11, 2004

2 trips to the Emergency Vet in less than a year...my 'free' dog is costing me a fortune.

Yesterday afternoon, Harley excitedly greeted a friend of ours from the Philippines, who's in the States for the summer. Harley jumped up with such force that she flipped over backwards and cracked her head on the driveway.

Luckily she's fine now, but I am more than traumatized.


Anonymous said...

mmm...don't have an account so I'll be "anonymous" - your dogs are adorable. I have talked to my mom a few times since she passed your way and she made no mention of any serious head trauma so I wouldn't lose sleep over it. Great page, looks like a therapeutic hobby. If I weren't at work (remind me again why I'm doing this??) I'd look into it a little more. For now, just wanted to add a comment. Let me know if you'll be in NYC at any point, I'd love to see you. Hope you're hanging in there. - Stacey

battlemaiden said...

Remind me to send you a "real" e-mail. We need to get back in touch regularly.