Thursday, July 31, 2003

What to do this weekend

This is the first weekend in several months where we haven't really needed to get something done. Yesterday Kevin and I were debating what to do. After opening all our lovely wedding presents and receiving so much glassware and breakable items, we realized we have no place to put that kind of stuff, out of kitty reach. So we went out to find a curio cabinet. However, because I am so picky, everything I looked at was either too big, or just not right. We're thinking of taking a day trip down to Amish country on Saturday to do some poking around. Plus everything is cheaper down there anyway.

The other thing we thought we could do is finally get started on our bedroom. We've had plans for remodelling for months....we have the paint colors picked out, and I have the drapes (red!) purchased as well as the new ceiling fan. We hope to get the bedroom done before Labor Day Weekend, so maybe we should get started on that and wait on Amish country. Decisions, decisions.

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