Monday, July 07, 2003

5 Days

My weekend consisted of the following: shopping, shopping, shopping, yard work, more shopping, more yard work, more shopping, and picking up the piles fire cracker debris all over our yard from my idiot neighbors.

There was some excitement on the actual 4th of July. Just as the fireworks were beginning, we got a collect call from Lou who is Kevin's best friend and the Best Man at our wedding. It seems Lou had a bit too much to drink, fell off the boat up at Catawba Island, ripped a huge gash in his leg, and had to be life-flighted to the Toledo Hospital. 48 stitches later, they promptly kicked his ass out of the hospital. He managed to get himself a Taxi to the nearest Holiday Inn, but required Kevin to come up there for some reason, still unapparent to me. I went along to help keep Kevin awake, but the whole trip was pointless and nothing that couldn't have waited till the following morning. We arrived in Toledo about 1am, picked up Lou who had already gotten a room, and drove him back to Catawba Island so he could sleep in his truck. *shakes head* Maybe he was just too doped up on pain killers to realize what a colossal waste of time he caused us. We got home at 4am. Lou is now walking with a severe limp. I hope he can still make it down the aisle.

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