Thursday, July 03, 2003

9 Days

Mom came in last night and immediately I felt better about all the craziness going on. She even found 3 different pairs of shoes in Rochester for me, which I tried on last night. One pair really has potential, but I still have to try it on with the dress. She also got the "something old, something new" stuff covered for me as well, not to mention the fact that all our prayers worked and she was able to find 2 photographs of my grandparents' wedding from 1935. (I plan to put a display up in Fellowship Hall of our relatives and friends who have passed and will not be with us next week.)

Something old: Silver Pin from Williamsburg with my grandmother's initials & the linen baby bonnet I wore home from the hospital which turns into a handkerchief with the snip of a few stiches.
Something new: Let's see...underwear, shoes when I finally get them.
Something borrowed: My Mom borrowed a "sixpence for my shoe" from a friend, since she couldn't find hers.
Something blue: The same friend who lent us the sixpence embroidered a small piece of linen cloth with Kevin's and my name and our wedding date, in a nice shade of blue, which my mother will sew into the hem of my wedding dress.
And a sixpence for your shoe: See above.

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