Monday, April 28, 2003

particle by particle she slowly changes

What a weekend. Aside from working an extra 27 hours in less than 3 days, nothing much happened besides more fighting with the in-laws.

In my previous post I mentioned I wanted to have some additional people added to the guest list. Yesterday Kevin's parents gave us their final decision on the issue, which was an emphatic No Way. I was pissed, so Kevin and I talked about moving the whole wedding to my church in order to accommodate everyone, which is really important to me. Sensing my frustration with the whole matter, one of my choir members even offered her house to us, which I thought was a very lovely gesture. However, when Kevin told his parents we may change the location, they exploded. They said not only would they not attend the wedding if we moved the location, but they would also tell all their relatives and friends not to attend as well.

Good grief. Should we call their bluff? My parents think so.

Tonight, Kevin and I will probably go to his parents' house and get the stuff we purchased already, including our 15 bottles of booze, and bring it home, in order to send the message that we're serious about this. We will offer to have a discussion with them. We will offer a compromise - we will have the actual wedding at the church. The reception can either be at their house, or there will be no reception. What we would do instead is have a small cook out/ get together at our house for immediate family and the closest of friends. However, if anyone raises her voice, we will leave. If any certain mother-in-law feels inclined to make a snide remark or an unkind comment, we will leave and the decision will have been made for us.

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