Wednesday, April 23, 2003

it's all coming together

Whew. Now that Easter is finallly over I can breathe again. I was so busy with services, rehearsals, and performances, I didn't do too much that didn't involve church. I can pretty much coast now till September.

With the wedding about 2 1/2 months away, we are really pulling together all the details. The party favors have been started and are about 45%finished. We made some major purchases last weekend for paper goods. The booze is purchased. (Ironic that's the first thing to be finished. Heh heh.) This past weekend Kevin and I spent hours upon hours registering- a concept I find archaic, but one on which my mother insisted. The bridal party flowers have been ordered (despite Kevin's Mom's fear they would attract too many bees).

One of the last things we still need to do is find a cake. We checked out a few bakeries over the weekend, but we are still having an issue about that. I wanted strawberry shortcake, but strawberries won't be in season in July, not to mention Kevin hates strawberries. And all fruit, for that matter. I hate traditional whitey-white tiered, layered, gobbed-up-on-frosting cakes. I still want wedding pie, but Kevin is against that because he cannot envision smooshing a piece of pie all over my face. There will be no smooshing, as far as I'm concerned. I was thinking about a cake that's made up of a mass of cupcakes........

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