Friday, February 07, 2003

Robert Plant without the nut huggers

One of the activities to which I am most looking forward while I'm in Rochester is getting to see my little brother play at Water Street. Yep, he's in a band. His jam band, aptly named Freestile Walkin', has a website. My brother Scott, the "frontman", is described as "Robert Plant without the nut huggers", which I found so hilarious I almost fell off my chair here at work while I was checking their site out for the first time. Their bassist is my former next-door neighbor. So, I'm giving them a little plug. If you're in the Rochester area, please go see them, and tell my little Scotty I said hi. They apparently are lots of fun in concert, especially when they cover one of my old favorites, Neil Diamond's Cherry Cherry. LOL :o)

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