Thursday, April 17, 2008

give me some of that old-time religion

The recent FLDS polygamist-sect scandal has reminded me of my own personal experience with cult religions.

I had a roommate in college for two years who claimed to be a born-again, Pentecostal, religious zealot, whatever. She carried a Bible with her every where she went. She prayed at her desk before every class. She swore she had been slain in the spirit many, many times. She claimed she could speak in tongues. One time I let her lay hands on me. (Nothing happened.) She encouraged me to read her books on satanism. She also encouraged me to open the Bible randomly and pick a passage, which would have a certain special meaning, just for me at that particular moment. At one time, she had me pretty convinced she was for real.

While the dorm room that I shared with this girl was not of considerable size, we did each have our own closets. She would, on occasion, sit on a stool in her closet and quietly murmur to herself. I honestly couldn't say for sure what she was doing. Praying? I don't know.

I do know that she had a boyfriend. I know that she would lock me out of the dorm room while she was in there with this boyfriend. I know that eventually the boyfriend, who also claimed to be a born-again, was arrested and prosecuted on child pornography charges.

So where is Crazy-girl Roommate now? Unknown. The last I heard, she married a marine she met at a gas station after only a few weeks of courtship.



Julia said...

OMG. I forgot about Tiffany! Her bed was comfy though. I liked sleeping on it when I came to visit you and she was off wherever she went on the weekends.

I remember you telling me about how she would go into her closet for long periods of time. That was odd. That reminds me of how I scared off my roommate freshman year when I invited Karen over to watch a movie. Remember that? When Megan sat out in the hallway whispering into the phone to her parents and freaking out when I told her I could go watch the movie in the lounge if we were bothering her? Poor girl.

I didn't know Tiff's bf was arrested on child porn charges. You held out on me! Geezus Heidi!

Mr. Nighttime said...

Maybe it's just me, but it sounds as though this Tiffany would have been better off receiving a great deal of therapy before receiving the holy spirit......or at least a large dose of brain chemistry medication.....

Ryan said...

I'll lay my hands on you, but not in the Pentecostal way! *wink wink*