Sunday, November 18, 2007

unrelated rants

I don't normally broadcast my religious views with the zeal and fervor that some do. My spirituality is private, emotional, and something I only discuss with my most intimate friends. I will say, however, that I firmly believe our elected officials should not legislate theology, nor should the government barge into our church sanctuaries, temples, or mosques.

I have a real and definite problem with uber-conservative, right-wing fundamentalists who call themselves Christians. I think they miss the point. It seems their primary agenda is conversion by attack, judgment, and condemnation rather than all-inclusive compassion and love.

So I bet you're wondering what prompted this mini-rant. This did. The small article from today's newspaper is about the church where I work part-time as the music director. After the dedication of the new sanctuary, visitors to the church were so impressed with the music program that I was told I may have a few job offers. I guess I resent the fact that no mention was made of the music program anywhere in the article whatsoever.

I know these are two separate issues, but I just had to get that out.

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