Saturday, November 03, 2007

tagged again

Julia tagged me, so I suppose I have to comply....

List 5 things that certain people (who are not deserving of being your friend anyway) may consider to be “totally lame,” but you are, despite the possible stigma, totally proud of. Own it. Tag 5 others.

Ok, here goes:

1. I. Love. Yarn. I must have it. I covet it, crave it, horde it. Even when I'm not working on any particular project, I buy it. I buy it when the various craft stores have sales, thinking, oh I might use this for a project some day. I love the way yarn feels, I love the colors, I love imagining all the things I could make with it. If only my crochet skills were as advanced as I pretend they are.

2. I have a bed-making compulsion. It's true. I have to make the bed before I get into it at night. The pillows must be properly fluffed, the sheets must be straightened out and tidy. There must be the same amount of sheet and blanket hanging off each side of the bed. If, for whatever reason, my bed-making ritual is not performed each night before I climb in, I run the risk of a seriously restless night.

3. I've been known to drink wine out of a box, but only if there's nothing else in the house.

4. Books. See #1.

5. I am secretly in love with Tom Jones (the Welsh singer, not the Henry Fielding novel). I know all of the words to all of his songs.

1 comment:

Ben said...

Maybe you could knit Tom Jones a really low-cut sweater.