Wednesday, May 10, 2006

now I remember why

I met Sue at Plum Garden last night because she was jonesin' for Japanese. More specifically, sushi. Originally I thought, ok, I can order something that's not sushi. Hibachi, maybe. But no, we sat on the regular side of the restaurant, not the hibachi side. The last time I had sushi was a few years ago when California Rollin' first opened in Village Gate. I didn't care for it then and yesterday I learned I still don't care for it.

I was hopeful that my tastes had changed and perhaps even matured. I slurped down my miso soup, ate my salad with gusto, eager to get to the "good stuff." I ordered a Maki dinner, on Sue's recommendation...California rolls, some tuna stuff, and eel. The only way I could choke it down was smothered in wasabi. I ate what I could, but apparently not only is sushi not palatable to me, it's also pretty filling. I tried to help Sue eat her green tea ice cream, but I couldn't even do that. Next month we're having Mexican.

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Ryan said...

Sushi? *gags* I'll take the Mexican too.