Wednesday, June 15, 2005

and in other news

I can't seem to sleep all the way through the night lately.

At first, it was the heat. Then it was the raucous morning wake up screeches by the grackles perched in the tree immediately outside my bedroom window. Also, I have regrettably been drinking a large mug of ice water while reading before sleep every night. What's wrong with that, you ask? This results in me sitting bolt upright at about 4am with the urgency to sprint down the hall to the bathroom, stubbing my toe or bumping my head on a doorframe nearly every instance.

Not this morning, however. So, you ask, what woke you up today? Well, I'll tell you. At exactly 4:50am I awoke to the sound of some unknown seriously drunken stranger making his way down the street, retching loudly with every step.


Was anyone else completely disgusted to find the Michael Jackson acquittal plastered all over the front page of the paper? Who cares? Why is this news worthy of a front page headline??

Also, to add to my dismay, it seems the closest appearance Ms. Amos will make to our fair city is Saratoga. Or, I suppose, if feeling adventurous, we could travel to Cleveland for a show. Only I'm not ready to go back there yet. What is a girl to do?


Matt said...

Two worst Michael Jackson headlines:

MICHAEL JACKSON 'BEAT IT' - Jamestown Post-Journal

MICHAEL JACKSON GETS OFF - My own sick joke.

Cassandra said...

Everything okay, Heidi?

It's been awhile...