Monday, January 19, 2004

I'm hanging out at work for a little while longer tonight, since no one is here to cover me when I leave at the moment.

Kevin and I had a wild and crazy weekend. Sort of. Let's call it 'emotionally charged' instead. A list of interesting and notable things that happened:

1. After depositing his paycheck on Friday, Kevin noticed that there was an error in his bank account balance. Or so we think. But neither of us knows anyone nice enough to just give us a SUBSTANTIAL amount of money without saying anything about it. This is leaving us in agony since the banks are closed today and we won't be able to figure this thing out till tomorrow. What would you do if the bank made a huge error in your favor?

2. Being the sucker for animals that I am, I rescued yet another stray kitten. But I am NOT keeping her! She needs a home! A gorgeous cinnamon-colored little bag of bones....undernourished and exhausted...she must have found a way to get into the garage to keep from freezing to death.

3. More arguments with the in-laws. 'nuff said.

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