Friday, February 19, 2016

on the road to resurrection

Since my last substantial post in 2010, a lot has happened.  My life fell apart again, but I fixed it. Again. In some sense, I have become my truest self to date, the most authentic I have ever been.  

I left my old 9-5 job and started a new one that is much better for me. (Still work there.) I became a permanent vegetarian. I learned yoga. I learned what it's like to be a homeowner in the suburbs. I adopted a third cat. I spent a lot of time in therapy. I learned how to meditate. I started to make peace with old demons. I left my long time church job, which I loved, because of burn-out. I began learning about Buddhism and studied Pema Chodron every day.  I swam a lot. I took up journaling again, but stopped once I thought I got my stuff mostly sorted out. I became on expert on codependency. I tried to work on my marriage - gave it everything I had. I ended up getting divorced anyway for a second time. I created a personal affirmation that I repeat to myself all the time, every day. It came true.  I moved out of the house in the suburbs and back to the city where I lived by myself for the first time since 1999. 

I repaired relationships I had previously neglected. I knitted A LOT of stuff, even sweaters. I learned how to welcome and care for emotional pain rather than ignore it and push it away. I learned how to take care of myself and not rely on anyone to meet my emotional needs. And then I fell in love again, unexpectedly. I learned the Universe is full of irony. I did a pretty fair amount of traveling, including getting on an airplane for the first time since 1992 (all by myself). I drove cross-country from North to South. Twice. (Not by myself.) I added many birds to my Life List. I became an aunt for the first time ever. I hoped the birth of my niece would heal some of the divide in my family but it did not. I got my nose pierced. I went back to my old church job. I moved in with my love. I bought a new car. I lost my best, most favourite feline companion. I got a tattoo.

I might have started blogging again.    

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Julia said...

"I might have started blogging again." - Good! I love this :-)