Friday, October 12, 2007

snickering at the museum

Last weekend, my sister and her boyfriend were up visiting from Tennessee. One of the many activities in which we participated was attending the current exhibit at the RMSC called Our Body: The Universe Within. It was a fascinating exhibit of actual human bodies and human specimens preserved by plastination, a process that replaces the body's water and fat with reactive plastics.

As we were weaving our way through the various sections of the exhibit, we reached a sort of traffic jam going into the reproductive system portion. G and I were waiting our turn to enter the small partitioned-off room where the fetuses were being displayed. In the mean time, we had the opportunity to admire the cross-section of a male torso, along with several people who were in line behind us. The following conversation ensued:

Lady behind us: Oh!! I always thought the penis and testes were one unit!
Guy behind lady behind us: Heh heh heh, she said "unit".
G and me: uncontrollable stifled snickering

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