Monday, July 30, 2007

weekend re-cap

My usual exclamation when I walk into the office on Monday morning is the typical "You again!", directed at one of my co-workers. After the obligatory "So, how was your weekend?", I respond with whether I had a relaxing one or that I have to come to work to recover from the weekend. This past weekend fell under the come-to-work-to-recover category.

Friday: (Although this doesn't technically fall under weekend, it still added as a weekend stressor.) Before leaving work, that afternoon I received a call from my bank's fraud alert department. They were calling to verify some suspicious transactions. It turns out that someone had gotten a hold of my credit card number and spent about $800 of my hard-earned cash. Card was canceled, and we left for Jamestown. Friday night involved great friends, great conversation, 3 bottles of wine, and iTunes.

Saturday: Up early to meet my aunt. We headed down to the Jamestown Audubon Society and nature center to get in some birding. The air was pretty thick and humid so all the birds, I gather, were hunkering down, trying to keep cool. We did get some good looks at some various Sandpipers and my favorites, the Cedar Waxwings. There was also a female Bald Eagle, injured, kept on the nature center's grounds, in a giant wire cage. Poor thing. Then it was back to Jamestown for goodbyes, onward to Fredonia for lunch and a quick stop at TJ's, then back on the road for home. Saturday night, the Varnish Cooks were in fine form at the Perkins Mansion concert series.

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