Thursday, April 06, 2006

the approach of Hell Week

I'm re-naming Holy Week "Hell Week". Normally the bustle of Easter-tide is no big deal, however, this year it is extra-extra-busy.

Beginning this Sunday after regular church stuff, I'm doing a joint organ recital. Then Choir practice (we're doing the Vivaldi "Gloria," complete with Baroque string ensemble). Then comes regular band practice on Wednesday, services Thursday, Friday, Saturday Bell Choir rehearsal, sunrise service at 6am on Sunday followed by the annual pancake breakfast, then another service at 10:30.

What makes all this more extreme than usual? I got called for Jury Duty. During Holy Week. The busiest time of year for those of us employed by The Church. What are they thinking???? The System waits for no one, not even the crucified/resurrected. (Silent prayer: Please, please, please let me be dismissed!)

The only relief in sight comes Friday, two weeks from tomorrow, when I get to have Crochet Night with Sue. If I don't totally break down before then from lack of sleep. I can't sleep lately, and the girl time this month is making me NAUSEOUS. Apologies if I'm cranky.


Ryan said...

Poor honey! :-( Hang in there, you can do it! You'll have a huge sense of accomplishment by the time this week is over, I bet. You have an important job and I'm sure everyone in your congregation appreciates your work, even if they don't tell you often enough.

And I'd love to check out this organ recital, but I think I'm working Sunday...

*hugs n' kisses* Keep plugging away honey!

Julia said...

May all the bad girl-stuff go away soon! I'm starting to think this is Jesus' way of making us understand how he suffered. Well, I'd think that if I were religious. Mostly I just curse a lot.

Matt said...

Man, you know you're really busy when you start looking forward to crochet night.