Wednesday, October 19, 2005

northern exposure

It has been raining for nearly two weeks straight.

Initially, I thought the majority of our time up in the North Country would have to be spent shopping and eating (pity). We hoped for a break in the dampness long enough to do a little hiking over the weekend, in the Adirondacks, while visiting Old Forge. We were lucky, and for a few hours on Monday, the rain let up just enough so we could spend the afternoon hiking around Moss Lake.

The air was brisk and healing, despite its saturation. Parts of the trails were flooded, which forced us to circumnavigate quite frequently. After we had to ford a flooded-out bridge, Ryan spotted a "Caution" sign whose irony did not escape us, and we had a hearty laugh.

Now, I am depressed to be home again, even though the weather here is slightly better than in the mountains. We have no Autumn color yet, for which we have both been desperately waiting. Also, this was the last vacation get-away of the year...I used the last of my vacation days, and now the Christmas grind starts. Hopefully, if our work/school schedules allow, Ry and I will be able to take a few day trips on Saturdays to local areas to hike. We'll need to, I'm sure, the closer we get to December.


Julia said...

No autumn color yet? That's surprising, but not since you're so close to Lake Ontario. We've had a couple weeks of glorious leaf changes down here even with wind, rain, and warmer weather.

At least it sounds like you had a good time.

battlemaiden said...

Maybe I should revise that to "very little color". The tree across the street is a pretty orange.