Tuesday, August 09, 2005

dreams, the 'wavelength', the father-daughter bond, and other assorted stuff...

Last night I had a dream I was being chased by a creepy, red-bearded old man. I had to run through forests and swim through a lake to escape him. He was shifty-looking...bald, but with a bad comb-over, no moustache, just the beard. I couldn't quite tell if he had all his teeth or not, from the quick glances I had to throw over my shoulder. I was, after all, being menacingly pursued by a stranger. I reached safety when I got to a base of Marines in the area, who captured my potential assailant, handcuffed him, and led him away.

That's all I remember, but I wonder if this dream has any significance. Usually I am not one for heavy analysis. It used to interest me, and my personal library even contains a few books on dream interpretation. However, I never really gave much credence to it. What I do find befuddling, though, is that every once in a while, I experience something that might be deja vu, or might not be. When I experience this sensation, usually I feel that whatever is happening to me at the moment is something about which I had previously had a dream. I wouldn't say this occurs frequently; just often enough to alarm me in a way that makes me stop what I am doing at the moment, and try desperately to recall the dream. It never works.

The 'Wavelength':
An interesting phenomenon, indeed.

That is what I refer to when a close friend and I say the same thing (or IM the same thing, more likely) at the same time. This only occurs with a few people in my life, specifically Julia, with whom I have been friends with for almost more years than I can count. Also, it happens quite often with Ryan, with whom I haven't been friends with quite as long as Julia, but with whom I have some other unexplained, "cosmic" connection. More recently, I have developed 'the wavelength' with Lauren, who moved away to North Carolina a couple of weeks ago. It seems only natural, I suppose. (She is my younger sister's best friend of many years, my younger brother's girlfriend, and very much like my second sister.) Yesterday afternoon, while I was composing a letter to Lauren, the phone rang. She was on the other end of the line, and when I told her I was right in the middle of writing her, we had a good chuckle about it, and a host of, "Oh my God, that is SO weird!"

The father-daughter bond:

Does it really even exist outside of the negative, teen angst-ridden form?

There are very few things my father and I agree on (my mother's bad habits), and countless things about which we disagree (mostly politics).

Those who know me well know what a rocky relationship I have had with my father over the years. Lately, it has gotten a little touchy because dear old Dad is in dire need of a hip replacement. To the point where his "sunny" disposition is in serious jeopardy. My mother, sister, and I have been nagging my father to just have the darned operation already, to make the rest of us less miserable being around him. He has put it off for several years now. But, Eureka! This morning when I spoke to my mother on the phone, she told me he is as ready as can be and will do it right after the first of the year. (He'd do it sooner, except there's some issue with the insurance or something.) He'll be laid up for 6 weeks, post-op. And what will he do during this recovery time? "Learn guitar. Heidi can teach me."


My father actually wants to learn something from me? Immediately I was suspicious upon learning this information. Maybe because it'll be cheap...he won't have to pay for lessons. In the beginning, of course. My guitar skills are minimal, but at least I can explain some very basic concepts, and oh boy am I going to make him learn theory.

I am more like my father than I care to admit...I am very stubborn, especially when I am certain I am right about something. My mantra sometimes is: Just because it's not the way I would do it doesn't mean it's wrong. Perhaps we will be able to learn from each other.

The other assorted stuff:
1. Tomorrow Ryan and I are going to Buffalo to attend the memorial service for Julia's grandmother. My condolences to her family. I first her grandmother when we were in grade school. At Julia's wedding last summer, I had a chance to re-acquaint myself with her...she was an energetic spit-fire, full of spunk. I liked her very much. I've been asked to bring my keyboard for a little back-up, moral support. I'm not exactly sure what I'll be doing, but whatever it is, I am honored to be a participant in the service.

2. I was looking at our co-blog after noticing someone had left a comment. Boy, did I get fired up! "Anonymous" said, "Read your blog, think you'd like this website", with a link. So I click the link. Do you KNOW where it took me?!? 60 Second Mortgage Quotes. This is what the world of self-expression through blogging has come to: unsolicited advertising. Spam comments on blogs. How utterly offensive.

And that's all I have to say about that.


DC said...

Pax Partner had a strange dream the other day - which scared me a bit.

She said she was driving along to West Australia (which is on the other side of the country) and her teeth kept falling out and she keep catching them and putting them back in.

This scared me because I remember from my dream interpretation books years ago that teeth falling out is meant to death.

Ryan said...

While we keep a watchful eye out for what might happen, we must keep our focus on the here and now. Dreams are interesting things, whether they're messages fore-telling the future, or messages from our sub-conscious minds. Either way, the reality is we are the ones who control our lives, nor our dreams.

Relax, everything will be okay, and Pax Partner won't necessarily meet an untimely end due to her dreams! :o) Everything will be just fine in my book! (I hope!)

Ryan said...

"Either way, the reality is we are the ones who control our lives, nor our dreams." That should be "not our dreams." Stupid keyboard!

DC said...

The teeth dream was important to me, and I want to write more on it which didn't occur to me in the first post.


I like to think of dreams as stories about our lives we write for ourselves. Like we are both the author and the reader of the book written especially for us. I saw the teeth dream as a story about Pax Partner's life that she was telling about herself.

Over the past 2 years, in many ways Pax Partner has been dying and recreating herself. Her depression means that she has had to hide away from the world and work on rebuilding herself. This rebuilding of herself I saw as the death/saving from death she saw in the teeth imagary. The driving meant that she was going somewhere.

Anyways, the dream, combined with my interpretation of the dream and my thoughts about Pax Partner all combined to have a moving effect on me.

I guess this dream is important to me because of this, even though it's not one I had myself.