Thursday, October 28, 2004


didn't sleep last night.
there was an incessant humming in my head...i thought it was the din from the computer, but alas, it was my left ear ringing, oscillating back and forth between Eb-6 and D-6. now i know how you feel.

also, i was randomly surfing around reading blogs, and saw this. i don't intend on having babies with less than 4 legs (dogs and cats, not mutant children, you idiots). or at least that's how i feel today. ask me tomorrow. anyway that photo may help in changing my mind. it's amazing. go look.

1 comment:

Ryan said...

They say misery loves company, but I hope your ringing goes away! I appreciate your empathy though, now you know me a hair better, in a way.

And that picture is definitely something else... I questioned its authenticity at first!

I'm with you on the baby topic today... cats and dogs are plenty good enough for me.