Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I'm a sucker

We may have adopted another pet, to add to our "Family Petting Zoo". In the words of my Mother-in-law: "Are you nuts?" Um, no, just a sucker for a stray animal. Our neighbor down the street rescues dogs and cats, nurses them back to health, and finds homes for them. Recently she found an abandoned Cockapoo, and last night while Kevin and I were out walking Merlin, we stopped by to say hello. The puppy, Lucy, found her way to my feet and collapsed on the toes of my sneakers. I bent down to pick her up, she licked my face, and I was in love. So, today we brought her home for a "trial", to see how the cats will do with her. Merlin already loves her after meeting her last night. But he loves anyone who doesn't hiss at him and swat his face.

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